Core values of Frontway Chemical Enterprise Culture :
Enterprise Permanent Pursuit : Create wealth for the society, provide opportunities for our staff, make benefit for our customers, gain return for our investors and win development for Frontway's future.
Enterprise Goal : Create a world well-known brand. Make Frontway Chemical go from success to success for centuries.
Enterprise Envision : to become an enterprise respected by people all around the world.
Enterprise Spirit : Always look forward. Never say die. Everything is possible!
 Sincerity, Cooperation, to be the best!
Brief Statement of Frontway Chemical Enterprise Culture :
Sincerity : Be sincere to the team and to the organization, and to the customers and to the partners;
Cooperation : Work Hand in hand to realize the goals of the origination and its individuals, and to achieve win-win result with our customers and partners:
To be the best : Strive to be the best in the industry!
Enterprise Credo :
Carefulness betters the work; Opportunity awaits those working hard. No pains, no gains.
Enterprise Platform :
To establish a platform, where everyone works hard, creates wealth and shares the wealth. Always give those who work hard their share of the cake.
To establish a green, sincere and healthy platform and to create a pleasing and harmonious working environment for the staff.
To establish an effective platform with scientific decision making system, and to achieve both the enterprise's and the individuals' goals through the enterprise's consistent development.
To establish a transparent and shining enterprise system, and to make everything difficult easier.
Quality Strategy :
Create perfect quality with great care. Make a little progress each day.
Core Competency :
Staff are our most important resources while team is the boat for our core competency . The healthier the corporation culture becomes, the higher the recognition of the staff felt for the corporation culture and the stronger the corporation's core competency.
Service Ideal :
SupeChem•Dedicated to beyond customers' expectation.
The harder to satisfy the request from customer, the more unexpected pleasure and gratitude they will enjoy.
Enterprise's Marketing Ideal :
Market believes no tears!
Enterprise HSE Concept :
Safety is forever No.1.
Competitive Advantage :
Consistent innovation is the spring of Frontway Chemical's development. Paying more attention to Research and Development will guarantee the product's competitive advantage.
Enterprise Expectation for Its Staff :
To be a kind-hearted person: love our motherland, love our people, love our company and love our colleagues.
To be a responsible person: shoulder the duty of a citizen,  of the corporation, of the team and of the family.
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