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Trichloroisocyanuric acid application
Sodium dichloroisocyanurate application
Cyanuric acid application

Trichloroisocyanuric acid

1. As disinfectant:  
(1)to treatment water in swimming pools;
(2)to synthesize ditergent, decontaminant, cleanser and deodorizer with disinfecting effect;
(3)to disinfect drink water;
(4)to disinfect and deodorize washrooms and urinals;
(5)to disinfect in contagion or epidemic stricken area;
(6)to disinfect in livestock, fish, poultry and silkworm breeding industries;
(7)to disinfect and preserve fruits and vegetables.
2. In industry as sweage treatment and chemical material:
(1)to resist algae for industrial circulating water;
(2)to treat industrial or city sewage;
(3)to disinfect petroleum well drilling slurry and sewage;
(4)as bleacher and cold bleacher in textile industry;
(5)as woll and pashm treating agent and wool shrink resisting agent;
(6)as oxidant and chlorating agent in chemical synthesis, and deoxidant for dextrin;
(7)to produce seawater cells.

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate

1. Public places and houses: disinfection of swimming pools, field operations, drink water, restaurants,
hotels, houses, baths, household goods, dishware, fruits, vegetables; deodorization and disinfection of
rubbish, washrooms, sewers and refrigerators; dishware cleansing; preservation of fruits and
vegetables; as the carriable disinfectant in tour.
2. Medical treatment and epidemic prevention: disinfect hospitals including sickrooms, sickbeds, chairs,
walls and space; disinfect laboratory appratus and artical surface; disinfect paitient's hands, arms,
clothes, bedding and appliance; disinfection and epidemic prevention in large contagion-stricken area.
3. Aquiculture and poultry: in aquiculture industry, it is used to cure and prevent fishes' and prawns'
diseases caused by bacteria, virus, parasites and so on; to cure fishes' infective hemorrhage, bacterial
enteritis, gill rot, red skin disease, skin rot, white mouth disease, branchiomycosis and so on; to cure
prawns' eye rot, black gill disease, red leg disease, black and white spots disease, zoothamnium and
so on; to increse oxygen and purify water in fish ponds; to disinfect silkworm and cure its disease
caused by fungi, etc; to disinfect apparatus for livestock brdding, dairy product industry; to immerse
nipple of dairy cattle to prevent mastitis caused by streptococcus or staphylococcus.
4. Industry: to disinfect and kill algae in electric power plants, fertilizer plants and industrial circulating
water; in chemical industry concerning to daily necessities, to make bactericidal detergent or
decontaminant with ionic surfactant; in textile industry, used as low-temperature rapid bleacher, to
maintain the properties of fibers and ensure the quality of bleaching; to resit wool from shrinkage
and treat pashm; to decolor and deodorize dextrin; as oxidant for organic and inorganic chemistry,
rubber chlorating agent; in food processing industry, to disinfect bioclean rooms, apparatus, tools,
equipment and raw materials.
5. Agriculture: to immerse seeds, prevent fungi infection, and disinfect fungi-infected vegetables and
fruit trees during growing and fruiting periods.
Cyanuric acid
It can be used to produce cyanuric bromide, chloride, bromochloride, iodochloride, and other
salts and esters. It is mainly used to synthesize new disinfectant, water treatment agent, bleacher,
chlorating agent, antioxidant, paints, coatings, selective herbicide and metal cyanidation moderator. It
can also be directly used as chlorine stabilizer in swimming pools, nylon, plastic, polyester flame
cyanuric retardant, cosmetic additive, and used in synthesis of special resin.
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