1. Use of website 
The content on the Frontway Chemical website (  ̄the site ̄) is only for personal and non- commercial
use. The copyright and other statements of the content should be respected and retained in their copy.
If there is no rights statement in the content of the website, it does not mean that the site does not
enjoy the rights on the content, nor does it mean that the site does not advocate the rights; you should
respect the legal rights of the content and use them legitimately. You may not in any way modify, copy,
public display, publication or distribution of the material or using other methods to make them be
applied to any public or commercial purpose. The materials are prohibited to be used on any other
websites or other print media or network computing environment for any purpose. The content and
compilation on the Site are protected by copyright laws, any unauthorized use may cause violations on
copyright,trademark and other legal rights. If you do not accept or breach of the agreement, your
authorization to use the site will automatically be terminated at the same time you should immediately
destroy any downloaded or printed materials got from the site.
2. Information Release 
Site information is provided intactly, without any form of guarantee, including marketability, suitable for
a specific purpose or non-infringement of intellectual property rights guarantees. In addition, the site
does not guarantee absolute accuracy and integrity of the information on the site. The content of the
site may have already expired, and the site does not promise to update them. The products,
programmes or services released on the site may not be available in your location, and you can
consult with local Frontway Chemical dealer.
3. The general principles 
The provisions in the announcement may be modified at any time by Frontway Chemical. You should
visit this page regularly to find out current provisions, as they are closely related with you.Certain
items in the provisions may also be replaced, and there will be a clear legal notice or term put on some
pages on the site.
4. All disputes arising in connection with the interpretation of this announcement and the use of this
website shall be settled according to laws and regulations of PRC.


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